Workshop Bioconnect
Date / heure :
24/11/2022 - 25/11/2022
Toute la journée

Lieu :
UniLasalle Beauvais
19 rue Pierre Waguet - 60026 Beauvais
Description :

« Connecting technological innovations to
healthy microbiomes along the food chain : challenges and opportunities »
November 24th & 25th – Beauvais (France)


This scientific meeting aims to share recent advances on the understanding of microbiomes interactions from soil to animals and their resilience to a changing world. The interdisciplinary nature of the exchanges between academics and industrials will strive to identify knowledge gaps, technical hurdles, new approaches, and research cooperation for promoting beneficial interactions across the food chain from agriculture through manufacturing to health.


November 24th

  • 9h30: Welcoming of the participants
  • 10h00 : Opening of the bioconnect days and introduction – Welcome words from the organizers
    P. Choquet – Unilasalle
    F. Motte – Région Hauts-de-France
  • 10h25 : Food chain microbiomes interconnection from a one health perspective
    D. Frimin – Unilasalle Beauvais
  • 10h45 : Coffee break
  • 11h15: Session 1: Microbial communities and interactions along the food chain
    – Food chain microbial communities and the concept of echolobiont
    Dr P. Trivedi – Colorado University
    – Soil plant microbiomes interactions
    Dr M. Bressan – Unilasalle Rouen
  • 12h10 : Lunch break & poster session 1
  • 13h30: Working session 1
  • 15h15: Livestock microbiomes – influencing factors and effects
    Pr J. Seifert – Hohenheim University
  • 15h35: Microbial transfers from permanent grassland ecosystems to milk in dairy farms in the Comté cheese area
    Dr N. Chemidlin Prévost-Bourré – AgroSup, INRAe
  • 16h00 : Coffee break
  • 16h30: Visit of the Unilasalle platforms
  • 19h30: Gala diner

November 25th

  • 9h00: Welcoming of the participants
  • 9h20: Presentation of the Bioeconomy For Change
  • 9h30: Session 2 – Microbial interactions and communities under a changing world
    – Plastic pollution and microbiomes responses
    Dr P Harkes – Wageningen University & Research
    – Climate change threatens the microbiological stability of non-refrigerated foods
    PR K. Koutsoumanis – Faculty of Thessaloniki
    – Soil fauna biodiversity decline influence on microbiomes
    Dr T. Damestoy – Unilasalle Beauvais
  • 10h30: Coffee break
  • 11h00: Session 3 – Management practices to optimize food chain microbiomes health
    – Agroecological practices
    Dr W. Riah – Unilasalle Rouen
    – Breeding techniques
    DR R. Balestrini – NRC, Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection
    – Plant trait and nutrient resource use strategies
    Dr MP. Faucon – Unilasalle Beauvai
    – Introduction to mathematical modeling tools for microbial interactions: A digital toolbox
    Dr A. Coutu – Unilasalle Beauvais
  • 12h30: Lunch break & poster session 2
  • 14h00 : Working session 2
  • 15h45: Working session restitution
    DR I. Trinsoutrot Gattin – AGHYLE, Unilasalle Rouen
  • 16h00: Workshop closure

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