Cambioscop mid-term online webinar
Date / heure :
9 h 00 - 12 h 30

Description :

Cambioscop mid-term online webinar
Wednesday, October 28th 2020

Toulouse Biotechnology Institute and its consortium invite you to its Cambioscop mid-term online webinar.


Part 1: Public session on the results achieved so far
9.00 Lorie Hamelin – Presentation of the Cambioscop project, key events & achievements; how will Cambioscop help France towards achieving GHG neutrality?

Research objective 1
9.15 Shivesh Karan – Developing a spatially-explicit environmental threshold for national bioeconomy strategies (spatially-explicit resource assessment, identification of resources current use, life cycle inventory of this reference use of biomass residues)

Research objective 2
9.30 Pimchanok Su-Ungkavatin – Integrating the aviation demand within sustainable bioeconomy strategies
9.40 Ugo Javourez – Integrating new food/feed ingredients from residual biomass within sustainable bioeconomy strategies
9.50 Patrick Brassard – Pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction or gasification? The thermochemical conversion platform
10.05 Concetta Lodato – A local bioeconomy case for supplying Occitanie Region’s methane demand from local biomass resources only
10.15 Dominika Teigiserova – Issues and precautions with using food waste for bioeconomy strategies, and a circular bioeconomy case of citric acid production with orange peel waste
10.25 Alejandra Gomez-Campos – LCA of new bio-based materials: flax fibre for aviation and sunflower straw for innovative materials for acoustic absorption

10.35 Break 15 min

Research objective 3
10.50 Seunghye Lee – Towards advances in prospective LCA methodology for national bioeconomy strategies: Which parameter affects the future and how are they interlinked? (a review of 7 leading studies on global future scenarios)

Research objective 4
11.00 Zhou Shen – Sequestrating C in soils while supplying biomass for the bioeconomy: The biopump concept
11.10 Ariane Albers – Synergy of Cambioscop with the H2020 NEGEM project; pushing the biopump concept beyond borders for inducing negative emissions

Research objective 5
11.20 Christhel Andrade – How to use crop residues for bioeconomy while maintaining soil carbon stocks?
Closing session
11.30 Tevecia Ronzon, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Bioeconomy Unit – Perspectives from a member of the international advisory board

11.45 – 12.30: Discussion session (questions to all previous presentations will be kept for this period)


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