3Bi Webinar : Consequences of Covid-19 on the bioeconomy
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14 h 00 - 15 h 15

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Crisis and Opportunity: How to Create a Circular, Bio-based Recovery in a Petro, Post-CoVid World?

Join 3Bi – Europe’s leading Bioeconomy Intercluster – as we examine the consequences, the pandemic is having on major industry and what that means for the bioeconomy. With insight from SABIC, Neste and the Dutch Petroleum Industry Association (VNPI), we’ll consider the crisis and the opportunity.

The speed and scale by which global demand shattered when CoVid-19 hit was breathtaking – plummeting crude oil prices, transport idled and factories silenced. But what was the impact on upstream petrochemical refining operations now their finely-balanced offtake supply is vastly out of sync with demand? And what of global, fragmented supply-chains? Is global now persona non-grata as European and other regional industries adapt to ensure adequate future supplies?

What of the cries to ‘build back better’ – to not merely restart the industrial economy but reshuffle it to embrace circular and bio-based? We might ask if some fossil-based intermediates are no longer produced by naphtha cracking, what are the ‘missing’ chemicals which the bio-based sector may produce to fill this supply gap? Or how might the bioeconomy contribute to long-term structural change as we shift towards regional economies, electrification and net-zero?

And let’s not forget, not all demand collapsed. The world needs incalculable PPE volumes – predominately made from single-use plastics which are now seeding a new ‘waste mountain’. Can bio-based and/or bio-degradable plastics step-up to the challenge? Can we use the shock of CoVid-19 and the ambition of the Green Deal to build a world where circular bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels feed into the supply-chain infrastructure?



14h00 Welcome and introduction to 3Bi Intercluster
Sarah Hickingbottom, 3Bi 
14h10 Insights into global petrochemical refining during turbulent times – the example of the Dutch sector
Erik Klooster, Director, Vereniging Nederlandse Petroleum Industrie (VNPI)
14h25 At the crossroads: Supporting the Green Recovery with renewable and circular solutions
Mercedes Alonso, Executive Vice President Renewable Polymers and Chemicals, Neste
14h40 “SABIC TRUCIRCLETM Circular Solutions and the position of renewable feedstock”
Frank Kuijpers, VP Sustainability, SABIC
14h55 Q&A Discussion
Moderated by Sarah Hickingbottom, 3Bi
15h15 Conclusions
15h15 End of the webinar

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