Since the creation of IAR Cluster in 2005, 119 projects have been approved and financed, totalling over €1 billion. The full range of current regional, national and European financial tools has been put to use.

The 119 projects bring together all the fields around a single objective : developing technology and products that replace oil-based raw materials with agricultural, forestry and algal plant products. All the IAR Cluster’s projects are based on the biorefinery model.

The Cluster supports project initiators, regardless of size, from the initial idea to its development and through to the search for financing. SMEs are at the heart of innovation and hold an important place in projects supported by the IAR Cluster.

The IAR project team is here for you!

  • Identifying partnerships and skills (private/public)
  • Helping to formalise a project
  • Project labelling and expertise
  • Advice on financial tools (public/private)
  • Monitoring and support; publicising results


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