International Partners

The IAR Cluster goes global

Following a targeted, strategic study, the IAR Cluster has decided to take on international partners and participate in R&D projects with countries at the leading edge of the agro-resource development sector in Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Brazil and India.

International recognition for the IAR Cluster

Objectives achieved by the IAR Cluster in 2012 include a high level of interaction with foreign biorefinery players and a solid position within European influential and decision-making bodies.

In order to become the European benchmark for agro-resource development by 2015, the visibility of the IAR Cluster and its members needs to transcend French and even European borders.  The IAR Cluster was recognised by American, Canadian and Japanese players (surveyed by IAR Cluster) as a French power in the areas of plant chemistry and industrial biotechnology.

In order to achieve this, the IAR Cluster attended targeted international congresses, took part in hosting foreign delegations and organising international events, and committed to European programmes.

The IAR Cluster: an international influence

Key international partnerships have been built around the concept of biorefinery following the set-up of the first European project (Biorefinery Euroview) co-ordinated by the IAR Cluster. The alliance with five European Technology platforms under the Star Colibri project represents true recognition in Europe of the IAR Cluster and its members.

The IAR Cluster’s participation in the Working Groups of EuropaBio (an association designed to defend the interests of the European Union biotechnology industry) reconfirms the IAR Cluster’s reputation in Europe in the areas of industrial biotechnology and plant chemistry.

Working Towards a European Intercluster

The IAR Cluster is involved in creating a European biorefinery intercluster. Its objectives are to identify clusters whose subject areas are similar or complementary, meet with them and set up collaborative strategies.

The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (a leader in green chemistry) is one of the partners in this intercluster.

The European intercluster’s goal is to develop R&D industrial projects by getting European or even international partners involved.

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