The Industry and Agro-resource (IAR) Cluster’s contribution to bioeconomics is a reality in terms of scientific advances, job creation, energy and environmental efficiency, promoting regions

The IAR Cluster: accelerating innovation

The Industry and Agro-resource (IAR) Cluster promotes exchanges, decompartmentalisation and project launches. It assembles players from the whole value chain around a shared innovation problem.

The IAR Cluster and its members  are involved in developing technology and products to replace petroleum-based raw materials with agricultural, forestry and algal plant production.

The IAR Cluster supports project initiators, regardless of size, in tems of the initial idea, its development and the search for financing.

The IAR Cluster provides the means to develop and test new technologies and products based on a renewable approach. In this way, it helps open up new markets and boost companies’ competitivity in the area of agro-resources.

The IAR Cluster enables member companies within and outside France to combine their strengths through operational partnerships.

The IAR Cluster’s actions fostering plant innovations can be seen today in the creation of the exceptional innovative structures now appearing in the landscapes of the Picardie and Champagne-Ardenne regions.

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