The IAR Cluster is focused on two priority issues:
– becoming the European benchmark for agro-resources and their industrial transformation by 2015
– being recognised as the ‘showcase’ region for biorefining and the use of agro-resources.

Prioritising Regional Biorefineries

Committed since its creation to developing plant chemistry and industrial biotechnology, the IAR Cluster is now concentrating its efforts on deploying competitive biorefineries: a source of regional economic development.

Two biorefinery models co-exist in Europe:

  • biorefineries in ports, which import biomass
  • biorefineries in (rural) regions, which use local biomass

The IAR Cluster focuses on regional biorefineries based in the heart of production areas.

This choice has several benefits:

  • Added-value returned to agriculture
  • Respect for biodiversity
  • Positive impacts in terms of regional development: the maintenance and development of rural economies, and the creation of skilled jobs
  • Durability: integration of supply and quality controls; CO2 assessments
  • The availability of biomass and secure supplies in the context of volatile prices
  • IAR’s services