Skills and Training

The IAR Cluster was the first to introduce specifications giving access to labelled training for levels 1 to 5.

Improved anticipation and identification of training and skills

The IAR Cluster matches industry needs with training tools
A French pioneer in labelled training, IAR Cluster has continued its efforts to identify and update skills and training circuits.

With support from the ‘Skills and Training’ strategic guideline commission, the IAR Cluster focuses particularly on:

  • GPEC  (forward planning of jobs and skills)
  • adapting training to identified needs in the Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie regions
  • labelling of new training course

Skills and Training Directory

Designed and managed by the IAR Cluster, the training and skills directory is a dynamic database equipped with a mapping system. A valuable tool which rapidly identifies areas of expertise as regards setting up projects.

The directory has 400 data sheets. They present the companies, R&D centres, project training and cluster members with biorefining skills.

It contains 29 organisations which offer training (levels 1 to 5).

The IAR Cluster: pioneer in labelled training

The IAR Cluster creates the necessary conditions for players in innovation to come together. Labelled training (levels 1 to 5) also plays a part. It helps develop new partnerships between training organisations, businesses and research/transfer structures.

Since 2008, IAR Cluster has labelled 26 training courses.


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