Project set-up

The IAR Project Kit: an indispensable tool for project initiators

The cluster provides a set of documents and models to aid the set-up of collaborative projects: PowerPoint presentations, drafting advice, confidentiality agreement templates, registration and labelling procedures, expert report models, etc.

What the IAR Cluster contributes to collaborative R&D projects

The IAR Cluster intervenes very early on in the set-up of collaborative projects. It provides help with projects from the initial idea through to their launch. At each step, a team of specialists organised by topic provide support for the project initiator.

The support for setting up the project is defined with the project initiator. It includes:

  • Watching and monitoring French and European calls for proposals of interest to its members.
  • Spotting opportunities for scientific, technical and industrial partnerships.
  • Formalising projects.
  • Assisting the labelling application process: guidance in the right financing, advice on drafting texts, watchdogs, etc.
  • Monitoring public funds
  • Monitoring the project throughout its deployment phase

IAR Cluster’s research and development project labelling

Since its creation, the IAR Cluster has labelled 115 projects, whose combined financing totals over €1 billion. The ‘IAR’ label gives access to specific public fund sources or financial supplements.

IAR Cluster collaborative labelling projects follows a set procedure.

To be eligible, and to present an innovative aspect in addition, R&D projects must:

  • fall within the cluster’s sphere of activities and its four main themes.
  • be significant in terms of economic spin-offs
  • include at least one business and one laboratory
  • include participants mainly from the regions of Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie
  • show strong commitment on the part of the partners

The IAR Cluster and the players involved in the projects are subject to strict confidentiality rules.

The various stages of labelling

The IAR Cluster uses a network of independent experts to evaluate projects. On the basis of their recommendations, the scientific committee issues an opinion which is then sent to the IAR Cluster Committee, who decide whether or not to award the label, which is a gauge of quality.

Projects can be submitted by companies of any size and researchers.

For more information: label application form
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For all labelled projects, the IAR Cluster team uses the full range of current regional, national and European tools.

Examples of financing sources:

–       Specific funds: FUI (Single Inter-Ministry Fund)

–       Supplementary funds: for certain calls for projects by the ANR (national research agency)

–       Dedicated funds: within traditional financing structures (Conseil Régional, Oséo / ANVAR, CDC, ADEME, etc.)

65% of FUI labelled projects receive funding, meaning 17 funded projects for every 26 labelled.

The IAR Cluster has set up a financing commission bringing together all partners that might finance research and development projects. It mainly ensures that IAR Cluster projects are quickly and efficiently directed towards the most appropriate financial support. The financing commission meets quarterly.

Investing for the future: a resounding success for plant chemistry and biorefineries

P.I.V.E.R.T, Green Stars, IMPROVE, SINFONI, Toulouse White Biotechnology, etc. Close to €650 million has been allocated to financing future projects dealing with plant chemistry and industrial biotechnology.  The IAR Cluster has played a large part in setting up these major projects. The outcome of these innovative approaches, via Government labelling, has once again placed the IAR Cluster among the essential partners for innovation in the agro-resource and biorefining sector.

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