IAR Invest

Founding members of the investor club “IAR-Invest”:

IAR-Invest: privileged access to investors

Aware of the difficulties faced by start-up companies, SOHOs and SMEs in raising funds and moving from the demo stage to the marketing stage, the cluster has created IAR-Invest.

IAR-Invest offers a comprehensive system that increases the visibility of innovative companies with private investors, mainly those specialising in venture capital:

  •  Support for candidates in fundraising applications
  • Meetings with potential national/regional and public/private investors brought together within Club IAR-Invest: funds, banks, regional councils, incubators and financial institutions.

Files submitted to the Investor Club must first hold the EIP (innovative cluster company) Label for which the IAR Cluster has signed a charter.

For more information:  www.entreprise-innovante-des-poles.fr

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