Bringing life to the network of members and promoting their skills on a regional, national and international level.

Promoting members

The IAR Cluster’s communication is primarily aimed at promoting its members’ know-how and skills.

IAR Cluster members are therefore approached to take part in conference-type events. They are invited to be part of IAR stalls in regional and national trade shows, and to join French delegations in order to increase their international visibility. The IAR Cluster prides itself on maximising its members’ value when approached by the press.

Tools used by the IAR Cluster in promoting its members:

  •  skills directory – link to directory
  • project data sheets – link to Projects and Training – Projects

A leadership role for the IAR network

The IAR Cluster’s communication also aims to coordinate the network. The IAR Cluster has to integrate over 200 members in its network to bring together their skills and encourage the creation of partnerships.

Tools used by the IAR Cluster in coordinating the network:

  • Newsletter
  • 24 hours of the IAR: a unique event in the year which brings the cluster’s members together for 24 hours, combining work with socialising.
The 24 hours of the IAR – 2010
  •  Coming shortly: special meetings for new members!

  • IAR’s services