Business Intelligence

The IAR Cluster offers its members high value added research and information as well as monitoring including intellectual property (patents).

For the IAR Cluster, economic intelligence allows firstly it to provide tools to aid decision-making and secondly to anticipate and win market share while ensuring that its competitive advantages are preserved. This is a long-term offensive approach which remains protected.

“Tremplin”: the IAR Cluster’s monitoring platform

The IAR was one of the first clusters to introduce business intelligence, mainly thanks to the monitoring platform Tremplin (meaning springboard), which is a mine of information dedicated to agro-resources.

Open to every member of the cluster, Tremplin is a tool designed to benchmark, provide information for and assist the set-up of projects. It can also monitor national and international patents.

Updated daily, the Tremplin platform offers general articles and strategic notes for each area  of application: new products and applications, technological developments, market opportunities, emerging regulations, innovative procedures, players’ strategies, patents, calls for projects, research programmes, market studies and strategic notes, reference websites, business event calendar, reference sites, etc.

Key figures – Tremplin economic monitoring platform:

  • 36,228 visits in 2011
  • 6,820 references (news, studies and reports, patents, etc)


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