Agrobiobase : the first bioproduct database

Agrobiobase,, the showcase for bioproducts

IAR Cluster has developed Agrobiobase: a database of over 250 bioproducts (in French and English) which can be viewed for free.

Agrobiobase displays the producer’s details and detailed specifications of their products, including their environmental advantages.

Agrobiobase helps provide better understanding of plant material potential and its practical industrial aspects. It helps to identify better technical solutions and promotes contact.

Indexed companies have discovered in Agrobiobase a showcase unique in France, where they can promote their products and win over new clients.

As well as being a bioproduct database, Agrobiobase also offers industrial players a valuable source of information:

  • PRIV data sheets, giving an update on plant chemistry and non-food applications. They state the regulatory context and detail the formulation and raw material aspects.
  • VegeReach data sheets, presenting plant alternatives to substances of concern, as listed by REACH regulations. They describe the main components for each use and market, backed up by economic data.


Agrobiobase Award

The IAR Cluster, in association with the Ministry of Agriculture, launched the Agrobiobase Award in 2011. It rewards innovative French companies in the plant sector.

The three winners of the Agrobiobase Award 2011

The prizes were awarded at the international conference entitled “Plant-based Chemistry for 2020” on 6 September 2011 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.


  • Agro-materials category

Ecotechnilin, a French leader in the supply of non-woven natural fibre products, took home the prize for its100% biobased ultra-light thermoset composite:  FIBRICARD®.

  • Biomolecules category : tied first place

Novance, a company in the Sofiprotéol group specialising in the production and marketing of chemical products based on recycled natural vegetable oils, was rewarded for its aqueous emulsion of 100% vegetal alkyd resin: VG TECH HYDRO®.

Roquette, one of the leading world players in starch and its derivatives, received a prize for its 100% biobased plastic: POLYSORB ID 37 ®.

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