United Bioeconomy Clusters (UBC): a union of clusters of Green Plant Chemistry

Competitiveness clusters which are active in the field of green plant chemistry unite to build a strategic vision on this topic.

In a world of diminishing fossil resources and greenhouse gas reduction, green plant chemistry offers agricultural, wood and chemical industries the opportunity to develop biobased products based on processes that better respect the environment.

Today, several clusters have included a strategic focus on green chemistry in their roadmaps. The aim of the UBC is to unify these clusters’ visions – as they are key players in this field – in order to combine and pool the various tools and means necessary to the emergence of new R&D projects. By associating green plant chemistry players, this union supports the sector’s development and guarantees it stronger international visibility.

The UBC is composed of the following competitiveness clusters:

The UBC agreement was signed on 17 March 2011 in the presence of Mr Eric Giry, Head of the food processing and sustainable development strategy department in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fishing, Rural and Town Planning.

Initial work is focused on mapping green plant chemistry projects carried out by the clusters on a national level, implementing a skills directory to give access to research and innovation pools, and promoting French skills through the world.

IAR contact : Johan De Coninck

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