France Green Plastics (FGP): an agro-material cluster for Plastics

France Green Plastics aims to associate national initiatives in order to develop and manufacture new materials from plant resources in plastics.

This cluster includes three competitiveness clusters: Céréales Vallée, Industries & Agro-Ressources and Plastipolis, all with the same ambition of producing products adapted to users’ needs and responding to market requirements.

France Green Plastics’ approach is to start with renewable resources, and transform them to obtain biobased materials which can be used in the plastics sector. The idea of these materials’ end-of-life is integrated into the cluster’s overall strategy.

France Green Plastics acts in the following fields:

  • Coordinating the cluster’s national technological strategy on the subject
  • Reinforcing ties within the industry network
  • Detecting and setting up innovation/R&D projects
  • Technical and economic monitoring
  • Organising awareness-raising, training and transfer actions
  • Driving communication and lobbying actions
  • Launching cooperative projects with international clusters

Contact France Green Plastics in IAR : Johan De Coninck
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