Since its creation, the IAR Cluster has actively supported the development of biorefining through innovative projects and the creation of road maps referring to them. This strategy means that the IAR Cluster contributes to bioeconomics in terms of not only scientific advances, job creation, energy and environmental efficiency, but also, and most significantly, regional recovery.

Biorefining transforms biomass

Biorefining does not use fossil fuels such as petrol. Instead, it uses plant resources to obtain intermediate food and non-food products.

A biorefinery is an industrial complex located on one site, which transforms agricultural, forestry and algal biomass  into a range of diverse biobased products: ingredients and supplements for food and feed, biomolecules, agro-materials and bioenergy (biofuel, electricity, heat).

Pomacle-Bazancourt Biorefinery (Champagne-Ardenne)
Pomacle-Bazancourt Biorefinery (Champagne-Ardenne)

Biorefining separates biomass into component elements. Each component of a plant resource is extracted and used according to the needs of the manufacturers transforming it into an end product.


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