World scene

The IAR Cluster and its members are actively involved in French and European biorefinery development. The projects supported by the IAR Cluster and its numerous interactions in decision-making circles assist in positioning the industry competitively.

Biorefining takes off

Biorefining developments have accelerated over the last decade. The market for biobased products is expected to double between now and 2020(source: LMI evaluation report)

Europe currently contains 34 biorefineries either in operation or under way.

In the rest of the world, countries with policies which support biorefining production have the most installations: USA, Canada, Brazil, etc.

In terms of innovation, the United States has a head start even though Europe is now offering an increasing number of high added value research and development projects.

France’s advantages in biobased product development

  • France is the largest producer of wheat and maize in the European Union, followed by Germany with wheat, and Italy with maize.
  • The agricultural sector is productive and structured.
  • Sustainable management of agricultural lands and forests is recognised.
  • Pre-transformation tools are efficient.
  • Its consumers are some of the most highly aware regarding sustainable development.

For more information: Ademe Report 2010 –  Panorama et potentiel de développement des bioraffineries

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