Date : 25 septembre 2017
Lieu : CEBB, 3, rue des Rouges Terres, 51110 Pomacle

The European Center of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (CEBB) is developping a unique methodology covering the whole bioeconomy value chain from tje initial processing of biomass to end products, through continuous multidisciplinary dialogue between industry and researchers in material science and social sciences.

The researchers will present their work on Monday, September 25. This research seminar is part of the larger framework of the European Biotech week 2017 organised by Europabio. It will present the diversity and complementarity of the research conducted by the CEBB using the example of wheat bran, a local by-product.

You are invited to attend the presentations, wich will be held in CEBB Confrence room at Pomacle.

Download the programme: Programme

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